Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Henry Jackson Invents Lady's Work Table

Henry A Jackson #569,135On October 6, 1896 Henry A. Jackson, an African American  cabinetmaker, was granted Patent #569135 by the U.S. Patent Office for his unique design for a kitchen table adapted for use in small rooms. It had pull-out shelves and cutting boards, which slid back into the table when not in use, and had storage underneath. Some have misrepresented his patent as "inventing the kitchen table", which is not a claim he made. However, his unique, compact table design was certainly "inventive" in 1896.

Henry operated a furniture-making/repair business in Washington, DC after the Civil War, where he was known for his fine craftsmanship & upscale clientele. In 1895 he designed a "lady's work table" which was displayed at the 1895 Atlanta Cotton Exposition -- the first event of its kind to include the work of Black artists and craftmakers from across the country.                   


  1. Thank You Jacqueline for this. Henry Jackson was my great-great grandfather and I am very glad that you shared this information.

    1. When was he born and death date? Can't find it

    2. My little brother is doing a project about your great great grandfather for his preschool class at our school. Can you tell me a bit more about him.

    3. Hello Lenore, My Daughter is doing a project for her 3rd grade class on your great grandfather and we haven't had any luck on finding more information about him online. Could you give me some information on him. Date of Birth, Place of birth, When he died, ect. Please email me any details. Appreciate the help. Thank you liz_sauceda@msn.com