Saturday, November 8, 2014

Claudio Bruno Castillon Levano-Invented Neonatal Artificial Bubble

Patents by Inventor Claudio Bruno Castillon Levano                       Neonatal artificial bubble
Patent number: 6884211
Abstract: A medical device is provided for improving the intensive care of high-risk newborns. The device comprises a tempered air closed circuit enclosing a neonatal capsule and comprising a dome composed of two concentric layers defining an intra-dome space therebetween, through which tempered air can circulate, to maintain the temperature in the intermediate artificial environment created between the neonatal capsule and the tempered air closed circuit. A continuous ventilation circuit is provided comprising air and oxygen inlet lines and a mixture outlet line, to administer a continuous and regulated air flow of filtered, oxygenated, tempered and humidified air to the newborn child inside the neonatal capsule. A set of doors may be provided through the neonatal capsule and dome, to provide access inside the neonatal capsule.                                                       Method to linearly measure gas volume flow in ducts and flow sensor 
Abstract: A method to linearly measure the flow of a gas in ducts, and a gas flow sensor using such a method are disclosed. In order to obtain a linear ratio between the differential pressure and the volumetric flow of a gas, a rectangular section elbow and a rectangular flexible plate located inside the elbow are used. When the flow goes through the duct linearization is obtained by combining the resistance of the duct and a variable-area obstruction caused by the plate. With linearization, it is possible to expand the measurement range of the gas flow in one duct. The sensor developed is used especially for the measurement of respiratory flow in medical applications.



  1. does anyone when was Claudio Bruno Castillon born?

  2. whats his birth day

  3. i have a project for spanish and i need facts about himself like his background, why he wanted to do this invention, and what were some obsticals