Sunday, October 19, 2014

David Fisher, a Black Inventor, created the Joiner Clamp and Casters

Clamps Track/Switches/Etc. G Scale. Our standard Split Jaw Rail Clamp ...David Fisher, a black inventor, created a device that holds furniture parts together. His device came in handy because originally, a worker had to work in slow steps, pausing at different times to combine pieces of wood together so one could bind them. Fisher fixed the delay in the process
by coming up with the joiner’s clamp, which he patented on April 20, 1875. The joiner’s clamp involved two pieces of wood attached by two screws. When they were tightened, the screws pushed the pieces of wood together. He used this device to hold furniture parts in place as they were glued. Therefore, the worker didn’t have to continue assembling them. By using applied, balance pressure, the joiner’s clamp caused the wood to come together at a faster pace and stronger than usual.                                 Another struggle in the furniture business was workers in the furniture industry having to move heavy pieces of furniture. So, on March 14, 1876, Fisher patented the furniture caster. This complex device was a free turning wheel that allows heavy items to move around a room on rollers, safely and efficiently as well. This allowed one person to move large pieces of furniture. This device is found throughout every industry as well as homes all around.


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