Friday, October 17, 2014

Osbourn Dorsey Invented the Doorknob and Doorstopper

Jackie's Historical Facts's photo.Ever since the first door was created, it is likely that human beings have understood how to use an object or device to keep it open. Heavy stones or bricks or metal cans or chunks of wood all work to prevent a door from closing. It was Dec. 10, 1878, that a person was given credit as the inventor of what is commonly known as the "door stop" or "door stopper." Mr. O. Dorsey was a 19th century African-American inventor. The door stop was his most famous invention. On Dec. 10, 1878, Osburn, or O., Dorsey received patent number 210,764 for this invention.                                                                                               The first documented invention of the doorknob appears in U.S. Patent entries for the year 1878 when a patent for improvements on a door-closing device was issued to a man named Osbourn Dorsey. Very little has been found out about Mr. Dorsey except that he was black.                                                                                                                   Jackie's Historical Facts's photo.Jackie's Historical Facts's photo.

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