Saturday, October 11, 2014

William D. Davis and His Saddle

Wm D. Davis received little education but it did not stop him from becoming one of the leading agriculturists of Wyandotte County in Kansas. Although he had assisted his father in his various business ventures earlier, he became more engaged in general farming. He had become one of the prominent cattle breeders of Wyandotte County with 560 acres of land, 320 of which he used for his cattle breeding business. He also owned a mill in Leavenworth, Kansas and was also a postmaster for 16 years.

Why did He Invent His Saddle?

Like most inventions, this one was developed to answer a need. He invented his saddle while serving as a buffalo soldier, African American soldiers serving either in the 9th and 10th Cavalry or 24th and 25th Infantry who manned the Western borders. Davis served under the leadership of General Pershing in the 10th Cavalry division. When the troop ran after Cree Indians, they had to travel a long and gruelling journey on hard-trotting horses. The rides were rough so William Davis had an idea how to make these rides easier by modifying the saddle they were using. What he did was place springs under the seat and above the stirrups. The springs respond to the motion of the horse making the ride smoother and easier. It also made the saddle easier to adjust and more durable. Although it was not uncommon to use springs in saddles during that time, the placement and the type of springs used for his riding saddle were totally different than those existing saddles already in use. He filed a patent for his riding saddle in 1896.


  1. he is not even that important, he made a saddle, it's not that useful to the 21st century. WE drive cars not ride horses,he should've made it possible for cars to fly or something like that. But it was cool of him to invent a saddle but he should've created something more useful.

    1. Hey there is no reason to be rude it was back in the day not now when there was horses not cars. Even if the first car came out there was still horses and still the use horses today maybe not to travel but there are still horse back riders so don't be rude. Somebody work hard on the post for people to learn and injoy not for you to be rude. Start being nicer to people and maybe you wont be so ruthless. >:( Thank you have a nice day.

  2. Well what useful thing have you created? Oh I know being a ignorant person that thinks know it all. Back then cars where not as useful as horses and until this day his invention is still used. And your comment is also until this day the most stupid one.

  3. Regardless of what is made of the import of his invention as it might apply to the development of the automobile HE used military experience to get MORE THAN 40 ACRES AND A MULE.