Monday, December 1, 2014

Dr. Joseph N. Jackson- Patented Programmable Remote Control for Television

Joseph N. Jackson was born to Ernest and Octavia Jackson in Louisiana. At the age of 17 he went to work as an oil field tool maintenance helper.  He was accepted in the United States Army at the age of 18, worked unloading ships, and as a Military Policeman . In 1961 he received his high school GED.  He went to television repair school at night, and owned and operated a radio and television service shop part-time.  In 1975 he completed his degree in Business Administration from Columbia College, Columbia, MO. He holds a Doctorate in "Applied Science and Technology".
His early efforts led to the precursor of the V-Chip, technology that is used in the television industry to blocks out violent and objectionable programs that could be seen by young children, and the creation of the Programmable Television Controller. and other innovative devices for the television industry. 
He founded Protelcon, Inc., in 1993 to market and distributes, the TeleCommander, the first empowerment television accessory designed to give parents control over the viewing content and habits of children. Holder to six issued U.S. Patents in the area of telecommunications (Programmable Television Receiver Controllers, Fertility Prediction Devices (female). In 1996, Choice Technologies, was created as a research and development entity to demonstrate the viability and prototype development of the intellectual properties. Dr. Jackson co-founded the Black Invention Museum in 1993.
Presently, serve as Patent Consultant to many potential inventors throughout the country.


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