Saturday, December 6, 2014

Peachy Booker Patented a Flying Landing Platform

Patent DrawingPeachy Booker received a patent for a Flying Landing Platform.                      PEACHY BOOKER - United States Patent Filed July 22, 1960. This invention relates, in general, to aircraft, and, more particularly, to rescue aircraft which may assist disabled aircraft.
Patent DrawingPatent DrawingAn object of this invention is to provide a large flying landing platform which may speed to a disabled aircraft while it is yet airborne so that the disabled aircraft may be safely landed.
Another object of this invention is to provide a flying landing platform for disabled aircraft on which the disabled aircraft may be landed to rapidly evacuate its passengers and personnel whereon, should the disabled aircraft be on fire, it may rapidly be jettisoned. This invention would be used as a rescue aircraft in the following manner. Upon receipt of a radio communication from a disabled aircraft that its landing gear would not function or that its engines had failed and it could not reach the nearest airport, the rescue aircraft would take off and fly toward the disabled aircraft. On reaching the disabled aircraft, the rescue aircraft would fly beneath it at a slightly slower speed. With the articulated portion of the landing platform in the lowered position as shown in FIG. 3, the disabled aircraft would fly from behind over the rescue aircraft until it contacted the rear landing tracks 20 and 21.
Patent DrawingPatent Drawing

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