Monday, December 1, 2014

Isabel dos Santos- Africa’s 1st Woman Billionaire.

Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of Angola's President José Eduardo dos Santos. She is an Angolan investor. She is considered by Forbes to be the richest woman in Africa and the most powerful and richest woman in her country. In 2013, according to research by Forbes, her net worth had reached more than 3 billion US Dollars, making her Africa’s 1st woman billionaire. She studied electrical engineering at King's College in London. There she met her husband from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sindika Dokolo, a son of a millionaire from Kinshasa and his Danish wife.  Santos returned from London to join her father in Luanda, starting to work for a German recycling company, then, set up a trucking business. Here the development of a walkie-talkie system paved the way for her subsequent foray into telecoms. In 1997, at the age of 24, she started her 1st business by opening the Miami Beach Club, one of the 1st night clubs and beach restaurants on the Luanda Island. Over a period of nearly 20 years she expanded her business interests continuously and this led her to create several holdings, in Angola and mostly abroad, and to make substantial investments in a series of prestigious enterprises, especially in Portugal. Since 2008 she has had relevant interests in telecommunications, media, retail, finance and the energy industry, both in Angola and in Portugal.                                                                                                             

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