Thursday, November 20, 2014

Joseph Ausbon Thompson-Invented Moist/Dry Toilet Tissue

Joseph Ausbon Thompson - Moist/dry lavatory and toilet tissue

The present invention relates to an improved foot warmer, and more particularly to means for circulating heated air into and through the bottom of a boot, shoe or the like.
An important object of the invention consists in forming between the inner and outer soles of the'shoe a compartment or chamber which communicates with the interior of the shoe, and associating with the compartment heat generating means in the form of a catalyst such as spongy platinum or platinum black which upon being brought into contact with vaporizable fluid such as alcohol vapors mixed with air, generates "heat, and this heat is utilized to heat the air that is circulated into and through the compartment and into the sole of the shoe to warm the foot of the wearer.

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